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Please come to your appointment with a freshly washed face with no mascara, eyeliner, eye cream, serum, concealer, or eye products of any kind. Please do not bring guests, pets, or be on your cell phone during your appointment. Please lay still and stay as quiet as possible as each body movement, including talking, can disrupt the lash application process.

Estimated 2.5 hour long service plus pre- and post-consultation. Natural to dramatic look depending on client's own lashes and desired result. Aftercare instructions will be given. 75-100 lashes per eye. Fills are priced by time and the prices are listed below.

Lashes will last 3 to 4 weeks before needing a fill because of the natural shedding process of the lashes. Please let me know BEFORE your appointment what state your lashes are in so enough time is allotted for your appointment. Proper aftercare instructions will be given again to ensure your lashes will last longer. 

Full set mink (length and curl naturally varies) – $185

Full set synthetic (length, curl, and thickness varies) - $175

up to 60 min fill (average 2 weeks) – $60 

60-75 min fill (average 2-3 weeks) – $75

75-90 min fill (average 3-4 weeks) - $85 

More than 90 min fill - $15 per 15 minutes (Varies by client. New set price may be charged at my discretion.)

Lash removal (30 min) - $40+

The eyelashes and brow hair cycle is about 6 weeks before they naturally shed, with each eyelash at any given point in the hair cycle when you get your extensions. Lashes are not glued to skin, but to the hair. Allergic reactions are unlikely because hair is non-reactive. Eyes are to be kept closed during appointment, and if opened during the appointment at any time you risk irritation to the eye from the fumes, which can damage the lash extensions if the eye waters or is squeezed tightly shut. Eyes may become red for a day or so after your appointment, and this is normal. Allergies, although uncommon, may happen. If you are unsure of your reaction to the glue, please come in for a short appointment at no charge where I put 5 lashes on each eye to check for allergy. If you have an allergy, redness, swelling, and itching may occur. You may use an antihistamine and eye drops to help with this irritation until it passes.