Why should you hire me?

Okay, now, sit with me for a second. Take a deep breath. We're going to do a little guided imagery. Sip a little bit of your tea, close your eyes... well wait open them back up, I need to explain what we're doing. Ok, good. Now, imagine your life as it would be 30 years from now. Maybe you have climbed the ranks at your job, maybe you're getting ready for retirement, maybe you're a first time grandmother. You look over next to you and you see the man you married, the love of your life, the person who makes you whole. You notice he is asleep and sawing logs. You love him anyway. You start to feel nostalgic. Maybe the song that played during your first dance comes into your mind. You hum it quietly and smile, holding back the feeling of tears welling up in your eyes, tears that signify the importance of that day, and how that day has set you up for the future you would share with the love of your life. 

What else do you remember about that day? Was it the friends, the family, the love that radiated through the air? The busy morning getting ready with your bridesmaids, the champagne, the laughs, the photos, the terribly uncomfortable heels you couldn't wait to kick off during the reception? Was it the vows you spoke as you fought back the shakiness in your voice and the shedding of happy tears? Was it finally being able to tear into that steak after doing 13 rounds of P90X that started immediately after your engagement? If you answered yes to any of these, then you had a perfect day. 

A perfect wedding day should be one in which everything ran smoothly, where each of your vendors worked tirelessly and seamlessly to allow you to relax and enjoy your day. The venue, the food, the flowers, the DJ, the photographer, the videographer, the booze... every vendor you chose to share in your day, and all of their work elegantly planned and executed to create the perfect scene for two people in love to commit themselves to each other for the rest of their lives. Let's get back to the tea and think a little more about that day. What else do you remember? Shift your gaze up from your super futuristic laptop over to your bedside table and pick up the photo from that day. It's of you and your husband just after being pronounced man and wife. How do you look? You think to yourself "wow, I really looked beautiful on that day," because you were. Because you are. You remember that you hired a team of dedicated bridal beauty stylists to turn you into the best, most beautiful version of yourself on the most important day of your life. You put your trust into these people, just like you did with the rest of your vendors, and with that trust you have beautiful, timeless photos that you will look back upon many times during the course of your marriage. The memory of your other vendors and services supplied at your wedding may fade with time, but the photo of you and your love is what you have to remind you of the happiest day of your life. These very wedding photos will be shared with your family and passed down to your children (if you choose to have them), to your children's children (if they choose to have them), and these future generations will look back on them with love and admiration. You understood that how you looked on that day was important to you, and that hiring a makeup artist and hair stylist was an important aspect of your wedding. So how do you choose?

When selecting a bridal makeup artist, find the one that will make you look and feel your best. Also, understand that having the wedding of your dreams is a luxury, and that hiring the best styling team to take care of you and your party is a luxury service. When you've found the artist you like, it should be because you know that they have dedicated their entire career to making women just like you feel beautiful and special on their day, without the added horror of mascara streaks running down your face or lipstick smearing all over your new husband. They know what they're doing, and they constantly strive to be the best in their industry. If they're using a product on you, it's because they've tried 30 different products that were similar and chose that one because it looks and performs the best. They constantly attend professional education classes and seminars, and study the trends in bridal style, in fashion, and in makeup and hair. As such, experienced, dedicated, and highly skilled makeup artists set their rates to reflect the service they deliver.

When you book an artist like myself, you will know that we have seen it all, that we are not surprised by anything you may throw at us, and that we've done hundreds or maybe even thousands of weddings on brides that all had one goal in mind: to be the most beautiful version of themselves on their wedding day. If you find yourself wavering on booking a bridal makeup or hairstylist because of their rates, understand what is included in the rate, and then understand why they've set that as their rate. Rates reflect many things, and should never try to be negotiated on the basis that someone just wants a deal. If you're trying to book one of the most highly sought-after artists in your town, there is a reason why they're there. A few hundred dollars that you might save by hiring someone cheaper or inexperienced may become the nightmare you wish you had avoided, and many vendors become wary of a client who is just trying to get a deal, and they may not want to work with that client. After all, this day is about you, and all your vendors working seamlessly to allow you to enjoy the most important day of your life. 

When you look back on your wedding photos 30 years from now, you will remember how beautiful you looked, and the beauty you see on the outside is a reminder of the way you felt on the inside. When you put your trust in the hands of a professional, you will find it was your best decision aside from marrying your best friend.