Existing Brow Tattoo Coverup

As you may already know, as of January 1 I decided that I will NO LONGER accept brow tattoo cover up clients who have had work done by a previous technician. Coverups can RARELY be done with microblading because you NEED the contrast of the skin against the hair strokes. When covering up old work, I come across inconsistent color, shape, scarring, and many other factors that inhibit my ability to give my client my best work. A coverup almost always involves a solid brow done with the machine first before microblading can be done at a follow up appointment. The work done with the machine doesn’t always hold as well when doing a coverup, and sometimes a third or even fourth appointment is needed. When a client receives my work as a cover up, they expect it to be perfect, and the reality is that it RARELY is perfect. Whatever has been done underneath will ALWAYS try to show through, especially if it’s deep, dark, or the shape is inconsistent.

Please be realistic with your expectations when getting a cover up done. I have given away many free touchup appointments to get it right for my client, but I don’t believe I should have to do that. The reality is that the work previously done needs to be removed, or it needs to fade out for many more years before having more work done. If the previous work has been done too deep which creates scarring, more tattoo will not penetrate the scar like it will virgin skin, creating patchy and uneven texture. 

I try to accommodate my clients the best I can, but I cannot compromise my own work due to clients who have unrealistic expectations about a tattoo coverup. If you have an appointment booked and you have existing tattoo, please send me an email to hello@makeupbymandie.com for a refund on your deposit. 

If you have really oily skin, very dry thin skin, are over the age of 60, have rosacea, sun damage, or use heavy exfoliants, you may not be a candidate for microblading. If you have an appointment coming up and you have a question if you are a good candidate, please email me by using the contact page. 

Thank you for reading this post, and I hope to continue to make this city more beautiful, one brow at a time!