FIRST BLOG POST! Brow Extensions.



So you've arrived here somehow. Allow myself to introduce....myself. My name is Mandie and I am a person who loves makeup, lash extensions, brow extensions, waxing, and making people beautiful. As someone who is all up in people's faces every day, I find some interesting things people say about themselves. If I am waxing brows, most of the time my clients will complain about sparseness, bald patches, the inability to grow brows, or just general dislike of their natural shape. I wanted to fix this. 

I researched what my options were, and since I was already offering brow tinting, I felt like I needed to offer something that would actually help solve the problem, rather than just trying to cover it up. That's when I found eyebrow extensions. Unlike lash extensions, eyebrow extensions bond the hair directly to the skin, rather than the hair. This allows the client to achieve the most natural-looking brow shape. The colors used are either light brown, dark brown, or soft black. The hairs are very fine synthetic hairs and the bond is a medical-grade adhesive. One brow can use anywhere from 20 hairs for a very soft fill or all the way up to 100 hairs to achieve a very full brow shape. 

When I get a client, I look at the shape of their face, their brow bone, and their overall sense of style, to determine the best brow shape for them. If they have a brow shape already, I may clean up the area with a wax and tint the remaining hairs. I may also mark on the skin where the angles of the brow belong. I will start with longer hairs (7mm) and start to fill in the beginning part of the brow, with the hairs pointing upward and working my way out, mixing lengths between 5-7mm. I follow the natural shape of the brow bone and the hair growth and I blend colors if necessary. This creates the most natural-looking shape. I check with the client once I am about halfway through to determine the shape is appealing to them. We communicate and fix any concerns. Once I am done, I explain post-care which involves not scrubbing, scratching, touching, applying oils, lotion, or makeup, or brushing the brows vigorously. Care for the brows would be lighting pushing hairs into place, keeping the brow area clean and dry, and touching them as little as necessary. 

Brow hair are attached to the skin and not the hair, making them more likely to shed because of the cell turnover in the skin, and the natural oils in the skin which will naturally break down the glue bond over the period of 1 to 2 weeks. I recommend getting a set of brow extensions for a special occasion, or if you plan to get regular fills, to fill once a week for 3 weeks, then rest one week to exfoliate the skin under the brow, and then to receive a new full set. 

I hope this was informative!